Early Christmas Present Idea- Buy Before They Sell Out- Dan TDM Pyjamas


Last Christmas I spent Christmas Eve driving all over the country trying to find an Asda with the earlier bluer version of these jammies with Dan TDM on them. I never did find them, but picked up a different Tube Heroes pair with different Youtubers on them. 

I managed to get the older DanTDM design pyjamas in the spring, but I was already thinking of what kind of design I might pick for Michael's Christmas Eve night nightwear this year, and spotted a set of DanTDM pyjamas again on Asda

Its the same brand, so I know they wash well, and prices range between £9 and £11 or so, depending on age and size you buy. So not bad!  

I'm tipping you lot off so you can rush and buy some too before they sell out again. Keep an eye on www.TheWorldofKitsch.com for a very exciting Christmas Launch from London next week. 

M&S Pizza Offer for Autumn 2017 Is Their Best Yet! 2 Pizzas & 2 Sides for £10

Marks & Spencer's £10 Pizza Deals are legendary, second only to their Dine In weekend meals which should go down in history as one of the best ideas they ever came up with. 

Their pizza deal for autumn 2017 is beyond a bargain and should feed a whole family easily. You can choose two pizzas, and two sides for £10. 



The pizzas can be from their classic selection, but it's worth noting you can try their brand new Detroit style pizzas, which have just hit stores this week, in the offer also.

The Detroit Style pizzas are thin based and fully loaded. The Philly Steak has Colby cheese, green peppers, house sauce, mozzarella, mature cheddar and comes with American mustard mayo for drizzling once cooked. Three cheeses on one pizza!




All Fired Up is a classic American Hot, with pepperoni and red hot chilli sauce for drizzling. The Whole Hog is a pork lovers dream and the Meatball Marinara combines your two favourite Italian dishes in one delicious handheld snack.

With two sides to choose from, there's coleslaw, potato salad & fresh side salads, or for a real treat you can pick from Mac N Cheese Bites, Cheesy Pizza Fries & Spicy Chicken & Rice Bites. These can really bulk the meal up if there are more than three of you.




The offer is on in stores now, so the choice is really up to you. Any two pizzas, and any two sides for £10. 

I will update with some cooked pizza shots over the next few days as we work our way through these beasts! 


Hidden Limmy's Show References in Taylor Swift's 'Look What You Made Me Do'

It's the record breaking music video everyone's talking about, with over 100 million views in just a couple of days, and almost as many articles about all the hidden messages contained in it.

However I think everyone has missed some glaringly obvious references in the video, which I've shown in the following presentation: 

Remember, she dated Calvin Harris for months, and he's a confirmed Limmy fan. THE SIGNS ARE THERE PEOPLE!!!  


Earliest Childhood Memories Part Three- Taxidermy in The Dead Face Shop (Delaney's Restaurant, Lombard Street)

The third instalment of how my earliest childhood memories seem to have guided my likes and loves in life. I blogged about my earliest ever memory being of a collection of garden gnomes on the Castlereagh Road, and how I'm fascinated by exterior features used as interior walls, thanks to many toddler aged visits to Summerland in the Isle of Man.  


The third iteration of my toddler years spookily influencing my later life isn't so much a memory, as I don't remember the tales my parents recount now, but it involves Delaney's Restaurant in Lombard Street, Belfast. 

Delaney's still stood there until a few years ago, when it was gutted and turned into a souless Caffè Nero.  


My Mum and Granny would take me to Delaney's when I was still only three or four years old, and if you ever set foot in the dimly lit, mysterious eatery you'll have noticed one thing above all others- the massive amount of taxidermy.  


Back then it would be my favourite place to eat, because of the taxidermy. I would refer to it as 'The Dead Face Shop', as I would eat my broth under the watch of the stuffed head of a buffalo, elk and other beasts.




In my 20s I spent a few years working next door to Delaney's, in the fabulously kitsch independent boutique Liberty Blue. 


Of course now taxidermy is part of my weird and wonderful home. I would have the large pieces Delaney's once had if I could, if I had the money. Myself, I have a fox mount, piranhas, a stoat and a selection of different birds. I would have loved to have owned a piece of the Delaney's collection. Maybe some how some day something will turn up for me to buy and it will all come full circle.

The Money Fight as Foreshadowed By Castle Ward's Boxing Squirrels- Plus Their Game of Thrones Winterfell Festival


I've been totally and utterly suckered into the hype for the Money Fight. Some guys are boxing in Vegas for billions of dollars.  If you live in the States you have to pay $80-$100 just to watch it. What happens if one knocks the other out in seconds? Is there a refund policy if you get twelve seconds of a match?

Its on at 5am our time, early Sunday morning, and whilst I'm not going to pay to watch it (£20-£24 here, I assume cause it's 5am) I am going to set an alarm to wake up and be on social media for the buzz. I love this sort of thing. 

Anyway, it reminded me of one of my favourite parts of Castle Ward's grand house tour- the taxidermy boxing squirrels.


If you are a Game of Thrones fan (and who isnt? Well, me, but I'm odd) then you might be excited to know Castle Ward is holding a Winterfell Festival on 24th September 

Festival gates will open at 11am on 24 September and at 12 noon a fanfare will herald the arrival of the King’s procession as he visits House Stark at Winterfell for The King’s Tournament Games. Irish Arms, a historical reproduction company, will perform a series of medieval jousting shows on horseback throughout the day. Sword sparring, archery demonstrations, jesters and falcon flights will add to the atmosphere in the tournament ring where visitors will be able to feast on roast hog washed down with local cider.

Amongst the medieval themed stalls, armourer Boyd Rankin, who starred as Mikken in Game of Thrones will showcase a selection of the weapons he forged for the world famous TV series. Special guests will also include two of the original Stark family Direwolf dogs.

The iconic Winterfell Tower House will be open throughout the day and fans can join Winterfell Tours on a skirmish to Audley’s Castle before having their very own green screen photo taken in the Winterfell Courtyard where the Stark family famously lined up for the King’s arrival. An interactive show and workshop with Shadow Puppets themed on Game of Thrones will take place in the historic courtyard and can be enjoyed by all.

Travellers will also be encouraged to walk down the Kingsroad to the Inn at the Crossroads where they can pull up a pew and listen to stories from A Song of Ice and Fire Series One being performed by Footsteps theatrical company, while dining on venison pie and ale.

  • Adult - £22.50

  • Child - £10.00 (10 - 16 years)

  • Family - £60.00 (2 adults and 2 children between 10 - 16 years)
    *Children under 10 are free

Access to Castle Ward on 24 September will be exclusively for Winterfell Festival ticket holders only. Castle Ward will be closed to non-ticket holders, including National Trust members, from 9am-6pm on 24 September.


You can plan a do it yourself road trip to visit all the filming locations the National Trust work with HBO on Game of Thrones, with this handy guide to where they all are.

So, shall I see you online at 5am on Sunday morning? Who do you think is going to be champion? 


P.S. I made the long list of this year's Irish Blog Awards in the Lifestyle and Best Blog Post categories, but I won't make a song and dance about it as every valid blog that got nominated makes the long list. When the short list, then the finalist lists come out I'll add buttons etc then (if I'm a finalist again this year- fingers crossed!) But thank you to anyone who nominated me I really appreciate it. 

Exciting New Belfast City Centre Walking Tour For Kids On Sunday Mornings- and it's totally free!


Sunday mornings in Belfast City Centre just got a lot more fun for children and families. Belfast One, – Belfast City Centre’s Business Improvement District – has partnered with Young at Art to launch a new, exciting, interactive children’s walking tour, designed to help families see lesser-known parts of the city in a fun and engaging way.

Speaking at the launch Julie McCullagh, marketing manager at Belfast One said: “We are thrilled to be launching the new children’s walking tour which is designed to be a whole lot of fun and is aimed at attracting families to the city at a time when it is quieter, offering the opportunity to view the fantastic sites at a slower pace.

“The forty-minute tour will start at Howard Street in the heart of the city and the children will get clues and a map to help friendly character Janey find her missing lottery ticket while exploring Belfast City Centre, before finishing at High Street.”

Speaking about the partnership with Belfast One, Morag Stuart from Young at Art Events said: “This is a fantastic new initiative to provide a unique interactive performance. We welcome families and children of all ages to come along and get involved in the new tour.”

The tour is free and is suitable for children age 4-10 with upcoming tours on 3 and 17 September - to book the tour visit www.BelfastOne.co.uk.

Family Friendly London #7 SeaLife Aquarium for £10.50 Each, Plus London Eye Review


On our latest visit to London, Smix asked could we visit the Aquarium. The huge SeaLife aquarium is located opposite parliament, just over the bridge beside the Shrek Adventure attraction and The London Eye.

Never pay full price for tickets! There are kids go free offers on Cadbury packs, and 2 for 1 deals online, but I found the absolute cheapest way to do it. Kellogg's have an adults go free offer, which you can get even on cereal bar packs in the Pound Shop. So with it you just pay the £21 price for a kid's ticket, and the adult ticket (£26) is free.



You can pre-buy a ticket online, but you have to choose a 15 minute time slot to arrive at. As we didn't know what time our train would get in from the airport, I decided to just buy our tickets when we showed up.

The website had warned there can be a long queue, but this was a busy Tuesday afternoon in August and we just had to queue for 15 minutes to pay and go in. We just presented our voucher cut out of the Kellogg's box on arrival.

To see exactly how it works and read the list of all the attractions over the whole UK that the voucher can be used with, visit the Kellogg's deal site.  It also works for the Shrek Adventure which is beside the aquarium, and locally, Carrickfergus Castle.



The London SeaLife Aquarium itself is really just like a bigger version of our Portaferry Aquarium. It's just that on a bigger scale, and takes longer to walk round. 

There are dozens of viewing tanks, more fish and species, but I'm glad we didn't pay more than £10.50 each because we had seen most of it all before. The only difference was it had a crocodile, and a pretty cool jellyfish exhibition. I liked the piranhas best.


Right beside the Aquarium is one of London's newest but best known attractions, The London Eye. 

The giant Ferris wheel gives 360 views of the city as far as the eye can see. We went on it on Smix's first visit to London in Easter 2016. We both loved it. 

It can be pricy, but if you have a valid rail ticket for the day you can get a 2 for 1 London Eye discount voucher. Simply print it at home before you travel.

The ride lasts about 45 minutes, and is well worth the price. If you are cautious of heights don't worry, the pods are enclosed and solid, no wobbling, and quite large and spacious. There is a place to sit in the centre of each, and iPads with facts about the views you can see as you rise and fall. 

I've heard that the view at night is something special, and might make a return visit to the London Eye on another trip to see the city at night. 


Asda's Kitschest Cakes- From Giant Custard Creams to Dessert Burger & Fries



Asda are probably have the best value party cakes of all the supermarkets, and definitely the most inventive!

We had the cute Gnorman the Gnome cake back at the start of the summer, for a birthday. This week Asda sent us the huge, indulgent Chocolate Drip Cake to share for Sunday lunch. 




It's the novelty cakes that I love, and for pug admirers there's a whole range of pug cakes. There's the full size Pabs and Paloma celebration party sized cakes, plus pug cupcakes and a small gift cake which serves six. 



The coolest cakes are the oversized biscuits and 'shaped like other food' designs. The massive Custard Cream is uber realistic, as is the Jammie Dodger. The Donut Cake looks like a Simpson's offering and the giant Rainbow Jazzie is positively mouth watering.

Theres also an oversized Ice Cream Sundae Cake, and Burger and Fries!



A clever little offering I haven't seen anywhere else before is Asda's Afternoon Tea packs. They've profiteroles, cream doughnuts and custard slices, all in a little box for £3 each.

There are two varieties, Cream Tea and Summer Selection. 


The prettiest cake in all the land has to be the Piñata Cake. A rainbow Wonder filled with a surprise in the centre. There are matching mini pinata cupcakes which also spill forth sweetie treasure. 

The Smash Cake is similar, with hidden bounty inside its dome. There's also a giant pink cupcake, and a strawberry ombré version of the drip cake. 

Lastly, watch out for the Asda Extra Special desserts, for posh after dinner delights.