Cats & Collectables, Some Late Additions to the Karen Mabon Summer 2019 Range


Karen Mabon’s summer collection came out a couple of months back, but I happened to notice a few new pieces in her store, since I last blogged about it.

The first new design is the huge 90cm x 90cm pure silk Cat Amongst The Pigeons print. It’s a rich black with contrasting kitties and the familiar UK sight of a pack of pigeons. Only Karen could make pigeons chic.


Then there’s The Collector, a pastel pink and mauve menagerie of kitsch. I adore this design and can spot a number of items I’ve either owned, or currently own.

Lastly there are some new silk trouser bottoms, some which match existing silk shirts, so you can pair them as pyjamas. The blue Breakfast at Tiffany’s shirt could definitely be worn as a daytime look.

Keep an eye on Karen’s Instagram, as she has some very cool, totally new products launching soon with her designs.

Karen Mabon Does Crufts, Cakes & Cowboys in Her Summer 2019 Collection


It wouldn’t be The World of Kitsch without checking in on what the new Karen Mabon silk scarf collection has in store for the season, and for summer 2019 she has added even more variety with umbrellas and shirts adorned with some of her classic designs too.

The shirts, like Karen’s iconic scarves, are 100% silk. The summer collection sees shirts in print favourites like ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’, ‘Garden of Earthly Delights’, ‘Lucky Cat in Olive Green’ and ‘Tiger Blossom’, as worn by Kate Hudson, and seen on screen worn by Elizabeth Gillies in Netflix’s Dynasty.

The postcard mosaic ‘Wish You Were Here’ design has also transformed into a sleek shirt, for sophisticated travellers, as has the very apt ‘Fashion’ print, which was originally a small silk scarf in two colour-ways sold both on Karen’s store and in Anthropologie.

There’s also a brand new print for summer 2019 for the silk shirts, ‘Bookworm’ which has dozens of book covers illustrated in pretty summer tones (below middle photo).


Three fresh scarves for the summer collection, first a silk and wool blend in a long wrap style, ‘Vegetable Plot’ is pastel violet with hopping bunnies. Next is ‘Bake Off’ decorated with busy bakers on a production line making buns, cakes, treats and sweets so very tempting that this scarf is sure to be a sell out.

The last of the early summer 2019 scarves comes in three colour-ways and is on the lower price range for one of Karen’s pieces at only £55. ‘Rodeo’ is a Wild West themed cowboy print available in red, orange or lilac.

There may of course be some surprise pieces added to the summer line as July and August progress, you never know what Karen has up her stylish sleeve. To be in the know it’s best to keep her close at hand by following her on Instagram, where you’ll also be able to catch sneak peaks behind the design process, and follow Miss Mabon on her adventures to fashion shows and exhibitions all over the country, and fashion world!

Lastly, there’s a new addition to the Karen Mabon family, umbrellas! The ‘Tutti Frutti’ umbrella has a tiger print and features Karen’s traditional colourful style. I think it’s my favourite piece out of the new summer collection.

The Literal Cat’s Pyjamas - Karen Mabon Silk Sleepwear at Shopbop

Garden of Earthly Delights

Garden of Earthly Delights


Have you ever seen pyjamas so splendid? Karen Mabon has made the jump from her iconic, colourful, luxe scarves to widen her range to include beautiful, opulent, pure silk nightwear.



At the tail end of 2018 Karen had collections launch with Peter Alexander, in both Australia and New Zealand, and now as we start 2019 she has just partnered with International retailer Shopbop meaning Mabon fans from all around the world can now retire to the boudoir in vibrant silk.




The designs are bright and as beautiful as ever, with eight pieces in the initial collection (click any of the designs above to enlarge to see the detail).


There are four long-sleeved, long-trouser lengthed designed pyjamas, three short-sleeved sets with shorts, and one robe. Every piece is made from 100% silk. 

The robe is in a new print that we haven’t even seen in a scarf design before, but that Karen has hinted on her Instagram is to come in 2019, “Dog Wedding” - I even spy a Wire Fox Terrier on there, so I definitely approve!

Shipping and returns on Shopbop are free. 

I’m looking forward to seeing the first full scarf collection from Karen for 2019 too, and wondering will there be more homewares coming out to add to the cushions? Keep an eye on her own site for that. 

Luxury Silk Scarves With Illustrations of Cats & Dogs in Christmas Fancy Dress Costumes - It’s the Karen Mabon 2018 HolidayCollection! (With Complimentary Worldwide Shipping During November)

If you read The World of Kitsch you will know the scarves of Karen Mabon by now, and if you follow my Instagram you’ve definitely seen me wearing a few in my stories. I’ve actually lost count of how many I have, as I’ve some that I wear, obviously as intended, but I also have a couple I bought to frame. Like the special Freud Museum print trio, and Karen’s special limited edition, annual calendar silk handkerchief, if you’re lucky you can catch a couple of these on the store at the end of the year if you are on her mailing list. 


Two of Karen’s most well known, and I would assume most popular designs, as they tend to always be sold out everywhere, have been Fancy Dress Dogs, and Fancy Dress Cats. (EDIT- Store has been restocked! Fancy Dress Dogs and Fancy Dress Cats both in stock!)

The scarves depict different breeds of cats dressed up, one a shark, a pumpkin, a pirate, a princess. The dog scarf is equally adorable, with a Yorkie jester, a Pug wizard, a Labrador frog prince, a Sausage Dog dressed as Superman, and my favourite, with bias of course because of my relation to ‘Weird Judy’ who you would also know from my Instagram, a Wire Fox Terrier dressed as a lobster.

Karen’s 2018 Christmas Collection consists of four scarves, and Ms. Mabon has brought back our fancy dress friends in some Holiday costumes and they are just as wonderful as the original scarves.

Christmas Cats (shown above) HAS to be my favourite, the Santa Cat looks a bit like my Mrs Meow, if it was scowling a touch more. I love the candy cane trim too, it would look very smart when worn, even if the design wouldn’t be showing then. I think if I was wearing this scarf I would have it on and off my neck half a dozen times an hour to show people the design! 


More of a Pup Person? The Christmas Dogs Scarf, like the Christmas Cat Scarf is 100% silk and both measure 55cm x 55cm. Look at that pudding Pug. Who knew a day would come when you could buy a luxury Italian silk scarf with a Corgi on it, in the fancy dress costume where it’s made to look like two dogs carrying a box. What a time to be alive. There’s even a Poodle dressed as Santa. 

The Christmas Fancy Dress Scarves are both limited edition, and unlike the original Fancy Dress prints, I would hazard a guess that there won’t ever be reprints on these, and they WILL sell fast. If you want one, buy one now.

Two scarves are more conservative with a classic wreath design, in either Jet Black 100% Italian silk, or beautiful jewel tones of jade and Teal Silk (both shown above beside the original Fancy Dress Dogs Scarf, click on them to enlarge to see the design clearly).

Part of my own collection of Karen Mabon Scarves

Part of my own collection of Karen Mabon Scarves


They measure 55cm x 55cm so they can be given as a gift to either a man as a pocket square, or a woman as a scarf. You can tie the scarf loosely on your handbag handle to show off the seasonal print. Karen even suggests displaying it in place of a traditional wreath.

Every scarf in the Holiday Collection is priced £75 and during November shipping is completely free, worldwide, so get your present buying completed early! Even if it’s a little something for yourself!


Karen Mabon’s New Scarf Collection Is Ultra Iconic - Partying Sausage Dogs




My favourite accessory designer is back with her new collection, with party sausage dogs, owls, and under-sea adventures adding to the family of silk scarf prints.







This time Karen Mabon adds glorious swimwear to her brand, and I love it.


The purist in me loves Karen’s scarves the most though, and I adore to the core the ‘Fashion Scarf’ covered in dolled up fashion victims like me. I totally spy a leopard print coat and a stripy skirt.



It comes in two colours.


My other favourite from the new collection, probably my actual top favourite to be honest, is Shelf Life because it appeals to the collector in me. You’ve got your little teapot and leopard and sideboard and I just love it to bits.


Okay! Go visit Karen Mabon today, you get free UK shipping, the new collection is live, new scarves, swimwear, there’s cushions too, there will be umbrellas soon too (if you keep up to date with Instagram stories you get sneak peeks!)



Free UK Shipping on ALL Karen Mabon’s Spring 2018 Collection Scarf Launch Today- Cycling, Squirrels & Best in Show.




Karen’s Spring 2018 Collection is a Beaut. Free UK shipping today so why not treat yourself?  Browse the whole fresh collection here.

The Best in Show silk scarf is adorned with horses, piglets, prize tomatoes, ducks and even a massive marrow. It definitely has Balmoral Show vibes.


As a cat owner I’m also pleased to see lots of cat prints in the Spring 2018 Collection. Lucky cats in two colour ways as the Today Is Your Lucky Day scarf, both Pink and Olive.


Then also in Lilac colour Georgette.

My scarf from previous collection below

My scarf from previous collection below



There are more cats in the pottery prints, plus squirrels, sunflowers and cycles to finish up the  spring collection. It’s a sunny, gorgeous selection. Which scarf would you pick?

This photo with Mrs Meow below is one of my Karen Mabon scarves, which doesn’t have a cat sadly, but does have squirrels, like the new collection!


Dear Santa, One Last Thing, Or Two... Karen Mabon Cushions and 100% Silk Pyjamas For a Luxuriously Kitsch Christmas




I adore Karen Mabon scarves. I own a few, I’ve framed one & hung it on my wall, and I’ve featured her designs many a time here on the blog because they are just so ‘me’. 

This year Karen launched a homeware department in her online store, which saw many of her classic scarf designs translated into beautiful scatter cushions to brighten up any retro living quarters. 

As it’s so close to Christmas, some of the designs are sold out, but there are still some available right now to order as gifts. 

I have the scarf print of the deep sea fellows!  

I have the scarf print of the deep sea fellows!  

If you’re feeling especially fancy, there are also 100% silk pyjama shirts, shorts and trousers too. The zodiac print in cheerful yellow is my favourite.

Should you be buying any Karen Mabon gifts for others, there is a gift wrapping service and you have until this Thursday (21st Dec) to order something in time for Christmas delivery. 



Before I leave, I just have to note Karen’s three Christmas themed limited edition scarves. Only 25 of each colour of the bauble adorned ‘Deck The Halls’ scarves were made, and the gold is still available for £48. The midnight blue is unfortunately sold out, as is Karen’s Heathrow Airport commissioned ‘Home For Christmas’ design. I still have to blog them though, cause they are so cool!


The Most Luxurious Kitsch Scarves by Karen Mabon BLACK FRIDAY SALE


I’ve been refreshing the Karen Mabon store since last Friday, well, because I thought last Friday was Black Friday.  

Karen designs the most ‘me’ scarves imaginable, and I love that she does a Black Friday sale, so I can bombard my parents with not so subtle hints to which print I would like from Santa this year.

The scarves are finest silk and cashmere, which means they are investment pieces for the quirky of us who would prefer a fancy dress dog print scarf to a posh handbag.

I truly think Karen’s pieces will only increase in price over the years, I’ve even got one of her scarves framed in my bedroom.

So get over to the sale and snap up a bargain!