Non-Vegans Are QUAKING! Dirty Fries, Cashew Mac, No Chic’n Nuggets - M&S New Plant Kitchen Range



I reviewed some of M&S’s vegan range two years ago, burgers and sausages, which are two of the staple foods that vegetarians and vegans get ‘recreated’ in non-meat form first. Even two years ago Marksies were ahead of the game and didn’t just have the usual reformed burger, mystery non-meat veggie burger.

They had beet burgers and crazy green sausages, and like the rest of my taste in life, I also love novelty in food, so I was more than happy to try those out. Their range back then was great and we had them around BBQ season and loved it so much I bought their vegan, golden orange, sweet potato sausages for many BBQs to come.





The vegan range expanded slowly but surely since 2017 as more and more families adopted vegetarian and vegan tastes, whether it be by moral stance, or by dietary needs (approx 20%). Someone in my close family has a dairy allergy, so I often look for vegan desserts as they are the superior option to find something that hasn’t scrimped on taste quality because they automatically start from a point of not using any dairy, rather than trying to just exclude it.


So here we are at the beginning of 2019, and some people may want to give veganism a go for health reasons, or for the environment.


Fries £3 : Mac £3 : Nuggets £2.50

Fries £3 : Mac £3 : Nuggets £2.50

M&S launched their Plant Kitchen range on 2nd January, with over 60 different products, which you’ll find easily within your local store thanks to the distinctive teal packaging. There are what they call ‘dirty vegan’ comfort food, like the Cauliflower Popcorn with Buffalo Dip & Cashew Mac, and two amazing looking, artisan, sourdough pizzas.

There are healthy versions of ‘ready meals’, using fresh vegetables, not frozen, like the Thai Green Curry, or the Katsu Curry. There are even non-chicken Chic’n Nuggets- we are living in the future, people! 





Everything in the Plant Kitchen range is meat-free and dairy-free, entirely vegan, and made from plant proteins. There are also basic ingredients like Tofu, and Grain Packs like Non-meat Meatballs, Non-meat Mince etc, for you to make your own recipes. 

Those tasty burgers and sausages from the original vegan ranges are still around too, and I imagine when BBQ season swings by the range will be expanded even further. In store now, but ideal for picnic times ahead are the vegan Coleslaw and Potato Salad, both priced at £1.50 which I believe is the same price as the regular Deli Coleslaw.

£3.50 : £1.50

£3.50 : £1.50

The newest foodie word on the street being ‘flexitarian’, someone who occasionally eats meat. I heard it last week for the first time, but it’s been around for quite some time, being voted the year’s most useful word by the American Dialect Society in 2003. I always thought giving up meat completely would be impossible, but with ranges like Plant Kitchen, and thinking how it could expand in the future, I could see a time when I could be a No Chic’N Nuggets girl. What do you think?

Take a closer look at the Plant Kitchen range on the Marks & Spencer website. 

Netflix’s Dark Artwork by Anderson Green Devil - Mysteries From Winden



Hypnotically good artwork, one for each episode of Netflix’s mind-bending, time-travel drama Dark by illustrator Anderson Green Devil. 

Click any of the small previews below to study the detail. 


These are obviously just a couple of the set, see the complete ‘Mysteries From Winden Collection’ here

Shop the Green Devil Store here

My Tiny, Twee, Swiss Chalet Music Box Collection


A veritable village of music boxes, some original, vintage ones and some newer reproductions. 

I remember playing with my Gran’s Swiss Chalet music box at her house on Saturday evenings, but I can’t recall when I started my own little collection, but it’s definitely a tribute.  

I think my favourite one is the cute homestead on the middle shelf on the right with the white stag heads. 

The top, left chalet is a weather predictor! (It doesn’t work, sadly). 

If I buy any more, I’ll need a bigger cabinet. 

How A-peeling, The Banana Dog & Cat Bed (Try To Avoid Buying One After Seeing This Post)


There’s a Hot Spot in the middle of the hall upstairs where Mrs Meow will plonk herself down when the heating is on, which we worked out must be right above a hot pipe under the floor. I decided to treat her to a little bed to put on the Hot Spot, rather than have her just lying like she’s collapsed in a heap all the time, especially as I’ve almost tripped over her a couple of times in the dark.

I went on AliExpress & eBay to find something fun and colourful and found the Banana Bed. It comes in various sizes, from small through to extra large.  

Be careful when ordering, you may see cheaper deals, but if you may be ordering a smaller size which would be for a kitten or small dog. I ordered the large from a U.K. eBay seller (so shipping was quick too) and that was the perfect size for a cat. 

My Banana Bed - Large Size

My Banana Bed - Large Size

The listing I bought from had the large for £8.45 and shipping was 99p, but you’ll find lots of other sellers with this item, and AliExpress has tonnes of them. 

As for Mrs Meow? Well, you may remember the tremendous leopard print cat tower I bought her from Lidl NI last February... that she’s been inside five times, for less than a total of twenty minutes altogether.

I put the Banana Bed on the Hot Spot in the hall.

Mrs Meow looked dejectedly at the Banana Bed.

Mrs Meow spent the next week sleeping beside the Banana Bed just off the Hot Spot rather than getting into the nice new bed I had bought her!

I think I have a defective cat. Where is the ‘if I fits I sits’ reset button, please?! 

The Literal Cat’s Pyjamas - Karen Mabon Silk Sleepwear at Shopbop

Garden of Earthly Delights

Garden of Earthly Delights


Have you ever seen pyjamas so splendid? Karen Mabon has made the jump from her iconic, colourful, luxe scarves to widen her range to include beautiful, opulent, pure silk nightwear.



At the tail end of 2018 Karen had collections launch with Peter Alexander, in both Australia and New Zealand, and now as we start 2019 she has just partnered with International retailer Shopbop meaning Mabon fans from all around the world can now retire to the boudoir in vibrant silk.




The designs are bright and as beautiful as ever, with eight pieces in the initial collection (click any of the designs above to enlarge to see the detail).


There are four long-sleeved, long-trouser lengthed designed pyjamas, three short-sleeved sets with shorts, and one robe. Every piece is made from 100% silk. 

The robe is in a new print that we haven’t even seen in a scarf design before, but that Karen has hinted on her Instagram is to come in 2019, “Dog Wedding” - I even spy a Wire Fox Terrier on there, so I definitely approve!

Shipping and returns on Shopbop are free. 

I’m looking forward to seeing the first full scarf collection from Karen for 2019 too, and wondering will there be more homewares coming out to add to the cushions? Keep an eye on her own site for that. 

LaLaLand A Cheeky Pop Culture Store to Treat Yourself From This January

I stumbled upon LaLaLand through a promoted ad in my Instagram feed, they were having a sale and I was tempted in by the promise of Drag Race themed products (I like) and discounts (I love). 

In the end I found lots of cool bits and bobs on the site, from Stranger Things to Labyrinth, to Alan Partridge to Clerks. There are also dozens of pop culture favourites that I personally don’t favour but are big hits like Game of Thrones, Mean Girls, Breaking Bad, and so much more. The products are tongue in cheek and reasonably priced. 

I actually found something I really needed too! I had lots of pin badges from my Lucky Dip Club subscription box, and was going to display them on a cushion, but found they had a cute wall hanging especially for pin badges. So that was my LaLaLand purchase and I was very happy with it. 

Magpie’s Mid-Century David Weidman Bird Print Collection is 80% Off! See What I Got In Their Sale.

Magpie is a very cool site if you like mid century and retro stylings, for homeware and accessories. They have a massive post-Christmas sale, and their David Weidman Collection has a huge 80% off. 


I picked up the platter for £4.00, and the coaster set for £2.00, but there are coffee and tea pot, as well as cups and other prints and notebooks. They come in beautiful gift boxes too, so  they would make great gifts for any vintage lovers in your life.


Don’t forget to explore the rest of the Magpie site, the sale is great and there are lots of discounts to be had. 


Inspirational ‘Live, Laugh, Love’ Skeletor Pin Badge - Start 2019 Right

I despise inspirational memes, and quotes. Whether they be on mugs, or on your wall, I’m a horrible, miserable, old cynic. For this I will make an exception.

The Skeletor Live Laugh Love Pin Badge on Chaotic Bats’ Etsy Store. I actually have a Castle Grayskull perched in my hall, under the stairs, so if there was a print to go along with this I might end up with a ‘Live, Laugh, Love’ framed atrocity in my own home after all.