LaLaLand A Cheeky Pop Culture Store to Treat Yourself From This January

I stumbled upon LaLaLand through a promoted ad in my Instagram feed, they were having a sale and I was tempted in by the promise of Drag Race themed products (I like) and discounts (I love). 

In the end I found lots of cool bits and bobs on the site, from Stranger Things to Labyrinth, to Alan Partridge to Clerks. There are also dozens of pop culture favourites that I personally don’t favour but are big hits like Game of Thrones, Mean Girls, Breaking Bad, and so much more. The products are tongue in cheek and reasonably priced. 

I actually found something I really needed too! I had lots of pin badges from my Lucky Dip Club subscription box, and was going to display them on a cushion, but found they had a cute wall hanging especially for pin badges. So that was my LaLaLand purchase and I was very happy with it.