How A-peeling, The Banana Dog & Cat Bed (Try To Avoid Buying One After Seeing This Post)


There’s a Hot Spot in the middle of the hall upstairs where Mrs Meow will plonk herself down when the heating is on, which we worked out must be right above a hot pipe under the floor. I decided to treat her to a little bed to put on the Hot Spot, rather than have her just lying like she’s collapsed in a heap all the time, especially as I’ve almost tripped over her a couple of times in the dark.

I went on AliExpress & eBay to find something fun and colourful and found the Banana Bed. It comes in various sizes, from small through to extra large.  

Be careful when ordering, you may see cheaper deals, but if you may be ordering a smaller size which would be for a kitten or small dog. I ordered the large from a U.K. eBay seller (so shipping was quick too) and that was the perfect size for a cat. 

My Banana Bed - Large Size

My Banana Bed - Large Size

The listing I bought from had the large for £8.45 and shipping was 99p, but you’ll find lots of other sellers with this item, and AliExpress has tonnes of them. 

As for Mrs Meow? Well, you may remember the tremendous leopard print cat tower I bought her from Lidl NI last February... that she’s been inside five times, for less than a total of twenty minutes altogether.

I put the Banana Bed on the Hot Spot in the hall.

Mrs Meow looked dejectedly at the Banana Bed.

Mrs Meow spent the next week sleeping beside the Banana Bed just off the Hot Spot rather than getting into the nice new bed I had bought her!

I think I have a defective cat. Where is the ‘if I fits I sits’ reset button, please?!