Your home is your palace

Kitsch is all about having ideas above your station. True kitsch comes from the tiny council house adorned with dozens of china dolls, or a 2 bedroom bungalow with a set of huge ornamental gates.
Kitsch is when you try to decorate nicely, but it just doesn't suit the surroundings.

 We live in a small ex-holiday cottage down near the sea, in a little lane surrounded by bigger, grander houses. It's my dream home.

 Kitsch is tricky to do on a large scale. It's all about over decoration & clutter, and on a larger scale, like in hip clothing stores, it can look too over dressed.

 My dream of having, what most people would call a weird house, has always been around, but when I first moved out to flat share with @theronster, I could finally make a room my own.

 One of the first pieces I bought back then was a flamingo pink cuckoo clock from German eBay.
Usually I steer away from modern takes on kitsch, the urban outfitters approach to the genre, but I just WANTED this ugly little clock.

  From there the multicoloured, shiny, animal print nightmare began!