The World of Kitsch WANTED- One American Candy Swapping Penpal

After my haul of American goodies earlier, I got to thinking, I'd love some Jolly Ranchers. But that shop didn't have them.

So I came across the idea of pen-palling up with one of you American World of Kitsch readers.

About once a month we can post each other an envelope of around £3.50 / $5 of our native chocolate and sweets/candy. No cans of soda as the postage would be huge then.

You get to try some UK flavours, and I get my fix of US sugary delights. Any of my US readers want to be my candy penpal? Get in touch

If more than one US person is interested, I'll see if I can 'set you up' with another local UK sweetie fiend from my Twitter pals.