The World of Kitsch Candy Penpal Exchange Programme

My blog post last night asking for a penpal to swap sweets across the Atlantic sent Twitter crazy.

It seems a lot of you would like a faraway friend with confectionery benefits. The plan is to pair up each of you, UK/Ireland readers with US/Canadian readers here on this blog post.

You can sort out your own 'rules' then, but the plan I've set up with my new penpal, Dan Lacey (I wonder will I get any pancakes?), is a once a month package sent with about £3.50/$5 of goodies.

I've enabled comments on this post, so I'm hoping you lot can pair up from here. Leave a comment with your location and email or Twitter name, so someone from the other side of the ocean can get in touch.

And spread the word! The more the merrier! Surprise sweetie packages for all!