American Soda & Candy, in Conlig!

The World of Kitsch has a worldwide audience, but at its beginning I always posted any interesting imported food I found here in Northern Ireland.

I don't mean exotic rice-stuffed vine leaves, or spices from India, I mean American, or Eastern European junk food.

My Twitter friend @gay_burns posted an Instagram of the imported Mountain Dew he found this morning, and within 3 hours I'd visited the shop in question & stocked up. They also have Root Beers, Dad's Cream Soda & Berry drinks. £1.35 per can.

If you are Northern Irish, it's the Mace on the Green Road in Conlig that's housing these treasures.

Everyone else wanting a Yankee fix, head to The online site from the Covent Garden based store. I can't never leave there without spending £30+