Spam Sculpture Art That Will Surely Put You Off Your Dinner

This post, of disgusting looking Spam art, is teamed up with a message of one new year resolution you can make and keep this year. I took it as my resolution last January, and it really makes a difference in my life. 

What is it? It's to take 30 seconds to unsubscribe from those emails you receive every other day and just delete. Brand emails, Groupon type deals, you delete them every day instead of looking for the link to unsubscribe. Last January I made myself look for the links, and removed myself from any emails I knew I'd just be deleting next time they arrived too. Now when I get an email, 80% of the time it's a specific message, just for me, that is actionable. It means it's worth opening my inbox every time I hear the notification.

Do it yourself, it makes such a difference, and really only takes a few more secs than pressing delete does.

Now back to the tasty Spam.

6 Blood Covered, Brain Crunching, Zombie Teddy Bears You Daren't Take to Bed. WARNING: NOT FOR THE WEAK OF STOMACH

Undead Teds are the creation of Phillip Blackman. Cuddly toys for grown ups, each handmade and lovingly zombified for your pleasure. Could you sleep with one of these in your arms, I'm not sure I could even have it in my bedroom! 

Phillip releases the exclusive teds in batches, so follow him on Twitter  @Undeadteds to catch the latest updates to the shop, as they currently fly out very fast. rarrrr!


Cheese and Onion Crisp Flavoured Chocolate Bar from Tayto

I hadn't planned on blogging about this, but so many people are sharing my photo of this bar I added on my Facebook I reckon you all might like to see it too.

Tayto Ireland have made a limited edition chocolate bar with bits of their world famous Cheese and Onion crisps through it. I checked out and their online shop doesn't seem to stock it, and it was only released in the south of Ireland.

My husband went down to Dublin last night to see a Mastodon gig and I requested he brought me a bar back. I just had to try it! It tastes like sea salt Lindt only greasier. I certainly wouldn't buy it again, but I'm glad I got one to try.

Below are some photos of our Easter-time visit to the Tayto Factory in Northern Ireland, which is located in a castle. They run a 90 minute tour that takes you round the working factory and shows you the steps in making your favourite crisps. It has to be pre-booked through the website but its very cheap, very fun and informative and you get free crisps to take home!


Captured- Genuine Flabbit (flying, winged rabbit).

From the eBay description:
"Don't miss this unique opportunity to own one of these extremely rare Arctic Homing Rabbits, otherwise known as a Flabbit, scientific name (arcticous kidu-ous).

These wonderful creatures anually travel thousands of miles in search of carrots, Having the advantage of being able to hop when thier wings get tired, they can actually fly/hop five hundred miles daily, and can even fly backwards to keep the sun out of their eyes.

Some years ago I discovered that something was nicking my horse carrots, I laid a trap, in no time at all I had captured a couple of Flabbits, In a matter of days they were eating out of my hand (carrots of course) and i was soon able to release them into my garden. That was five years ago, needless to say I now have a small colony of these in my garden at a secret location in Cheshire. They breed very sucessfully, but unlike a rabbit, that lives and breeds underground and keeps getting wiped out with the dreaded myxomotosis, these live and nest and breed in trees thus avoiding the nasty little myxy flea.

Unfortunatly the lifespan of these creatures is not great, and although the Eskimo's tell me that Flabbit stew is superb, I prefer to let the taxidermist preserve these lovely little things."