Spam Sculpture Art That Will Surely Put You Off Your Dinner

This post, of disgusting looking Spam art, is teamed up with a message of one new year resolution you can make and keep this year. I took it as my resolution last January, and it really makes a difference in my life. 

What is it? It's to take 30 seconds to unsubscribe from those emails you receive every other day and just delete. Brand emails, Groupon type deals, you delete them every day instead of looking for the link to unsubscribe. Last January I made myself look for the links, and removed myself from any emails I knew I'd just be deleting next time they arrived too. Now when I get an email, 80% of the time it's a specific message, just for me, that is actionable. It means it's worth opening my inbox every time I hear the notification.

Do it yourself, it makes such a difference, and really only takes a few more secs than pressing delete does.

Now back to the tasty Spam.