Gemma Correll’s Quirky Illustrations Are So Relatable… It’s Like She’s Drawing My Life!


Gemma Correll is a UK illustrator who’s simple, yet easily discernible style has seen her publish three books of her work, and won her comic-space in the prestigious Observer Sunday Magazine. Her relatable doodles have also been made into greetings cards, and you can buy pins, t-shirts and bags with her tongue-in-cheek artistic wit as the featured design.

I first saw one of her illustrations last year, the ‘Couchella’ greetings card, and my son and I immediately loved it because the little character on the card was wearing my daily uniform of a stripy top. They also had my glasses and ponytail (that’s me below).


This year, I found Gemma’s cards on sale in Sainsbury’s, and couldn’t believe the accuracy of the particular drawing (very top, framed), it describes my cat lady-ness wonderfully. So I bought it and framed it.

Gemma’s Instagram is filled with these relatable cartoons, I’ve picked out the ones that most correspond with my feeling that she must be drawing my life. I joke of course, but why don’t you check out her Instagram page and see which illustrations make you think, “that’s so me”.

Tretchikoff’s ‘Green Lady’ Reimagined for 2019 by London Artist Mark Denton Esq.



The classic kitsch starter print, Tretchikoff’s ‘Chinese Girl’ AKA ‘The Green Lady’ has been reimagined by London-based artist Mark Denton Esq.

The original painting from 1952 should be familiar for most people, even non-retro obsessed folks, as the artwork was mass produced and became literally one of the best-selling prints of the 20th century. Everyone had a granny or auntie, or neighbour who had The Green Lady, or a sultry gypsy girl print by JH Lynch.

Mark Denton Esq. has given Tretchikoff’s Chinese Girl a quirky refresh. I wish I could give more of an art analysis, but that’s not my bag.


A little more about Mark from the Jealous Gallery site where his work is hosted- After studying graphic design and an unglamorous start as a paste-up artist on the magazine ‘Knitter’s Digest’, Denton secured a job as an assistant typographer and visualiser at the London office of American advertising agency, Leo Burnett. In less than a decade, Mark found himself as Creative Director of his own agency and one of the most awarded Art Directors in the world.

The following years saw a foray into directing commercials and a return to his first love, graphic design. Forever seeking new forms of self-expression, Mark kept busy designing everything in his world. Clothes, jewellery, wallpaper, furniture, the labels on his tins of beans; nothing was spared his artists eye.

His designs have been exhibited across the globe, notably at ‘The Power of the Poster’ exhibition at the V&A and as a ‘living exhibit’ under the name of Nobby Bottomshuffle (one of his many alter-egos) at the National Football Museum.

You can find Mark Denton Esq.’s Green Ladies of 2019 at Jealous Gallery, based in London, who have an online store.