Gemma Correll’s Quirky Illustrations Are So Relatable… It’s Like She’s Drawing My Life!


Gemma Correll is a UK illustrator who’s simple, yet easily discernible style has seen her publish three books of her work, and won her comic-space in the prestigious Observer Sunday Magazine. Her relatable doodles have also been made into greetings cards, and you can buy pins, t-shirts and bags with her tongue-in-cheek artistic wit as the featured design.

I first saw one of her illustrations last year, the ‘Couchella’ greetings card, and my son and I immediately loved it because the little character on the card was wearing my daily uniform of a stripy top. They also had my glasses and ponytail (that’s me below).


This year, I found Gemma’s cards on sale in Sainsbury’s, and couldn’t believe the accuracy of the particular drawing (very top, framed), it describes my cat lady-ness wonderfully. So I bought it and framed it.

Gemma’s Instagram is filled with these relatable cartoons, I’ve picked out the ones that most correspond with my feeling that she must be drawing my life. I joke of course, but why don’t you check out her Instagram page and see which illustrations make you think, “that’s so me”.

The Goon Holler Handbook - Buy It! You'll Like It!

I haven't blogged all week, probably the longest time between blog posts since The World of Kitsch began. As you know my health is pretty ridiculous, but I made it through the whole day of my brother's beautiful wedding last Wednesday, and now I'm bedridden. Like proper, old person, bedridden. I can't even get up and sit on the sofa with my husband. I have a backlog of products and posts to get through, so if you are a PR checking up on a post, fire me and email and I'll let you know where I am with things (see 'work with' page).

Okay, onto The Goon Holler Handbook then. I'm not sure how I found Tooba on Vine, but I instantly loved the big, goofy monster, and it made sense when I found out his being has a lot to do with Parker Jacobs, part of the team that created Yo Gabba Gabba.
I've a link to my own Vine in the links section above now, along with Instagram and the like, and if you check out my likes you'll find the Goon Holler Vine profile pretty quickly.

Anyway, here's why you should buy The Goon Holler Handbook. I'm sold.