Indoor Lawn Flamingo

The Trailer Park Special! My very own lawn flamingo.
A rare species, I previously only had cheap knock-offs (see my garden kitsch blog post next), but when we moved to our new house my mum spent the £20 it costs to import these plastic beauties & bought me two for a house warming present.

 It's such an iconic piece that I wanted one indoors & keep one in the large tiki flower pot beside the tv. The flower pot belongs 'to the house', chosen by our landlady as part of the furnishings.

 We are very lucky to have a landlady with classic taste, and I'll dedicate a post soon to some of the amazingly stylish vintage furniture she picked for our house.

 I managed to kill the plant within 2 months of moving in, my husband says I have 'grey fingers' when it comes to gardening. Luckily the rules of floral decoration & kitsch is "the more fake looking, the better".
Think of kitchens adorned with fake vines of grapes & onions and you have the right idea.

 So I used the pot to plant one of the flamingoes & draped him in some tacky, light-up red flowers from Ikea's 2008 Summer Range.