Exotic Table Mats

These are an eBay buy. I think buying kitsch on eBay is a little bit like cheating. To me part of the joy of kitsch is that you found each piece yourself, hoking in a junk shop, or bartering at a car boot sale.

 I'm a bit snobby about buying faux-kitsch reproductions & feel like it would be totally cheating to buy items from a retro shop like the one near St.Annes in Belfast.
That's ready made kitsch, someone else has done it for you.

 When your decor looks odd like mine, it's a reflection on me, and I don't want someone else picking what furniture will make my house look 'properly retro'.

 Of course shops like the retro one & books about other people's kitsch homes are fabulous places to steal ideas, but put your own twist on them!

 Back to the placemats, an eBay buy, so not as much a trophy as if I'd found them buried in a pile of magazines in a charity shop.

 Six separate prints on hard table mats, I remember my own granny having something similar.

 They came in a hard box, so are in as new condition, so I don't use them, just display them.

 My favorite is definitely the 60's orange hued photo of the canal boat.