Garden Kitsch - Help!

I've hit a stumbling point when it comes to the outside of our house.

 I'm not too sure how to do garden kitsch, or if there is such a thing.

 The immediate answer would be gnomes, but I've always found them just too far into the realms of bad taste. Maybe I'm just repressing some fear.
In fact my earliest memory is that of a garden full of gnomes down the road from us when I was a toddler.

 I have some funny little bits & pieces in the pots at the front door. A reproduction pink flamingo, smaller & slightly lighter than the authentic ones. Also a tin crab & lobster from a pound shop, but I think living this close to the sea, anyone could get away with those.

 The pink bird house is a bit cutsey, steering toward the Cath Kitson look, which I personally find a bit too twee.

 It'll be a challenge for me investigating garden kitsch & getting the place into shape, but I think I'll leave it till next summer.

 Does anyone have any ideas? What did your granny used to doll her garden up with?