He-Man, Masters Of The Universe Movie Gets First Official Licensed Toy Launch Since 1987


Fellow 80s’ child. How many times have you watched 17%-Rotten-Tomato-scored movie ‘Masters of the Universe? The 1987 box office classic starring Dolph Lundgren as He-Man, a pre-Friends Courteney Cox as random Earth Teenager, and Frank Langella in what should have been an Oscar nominated role as the whole entire production carrying Skeletor.


Well, my brother and I watched Masters of the Universe quite a lot. When I say quite a lot, I would estimate more than fifty times. At least enough times that on a Sunday afternoon we would sometimes go into our Gran’s back garden and recite Skeletor’s dramatic monologue from the final act from memory.

My brother texted me last night with the news that figures from the movie are being made, they have just been revealed at a toy fair. You can watch a video by Pixel Dan about them here.


There are four figures (the fourth is Karg), modelled on the original 1987 William Stout production art, with the faces based on the actors from the final movie. You can pre-order on the Super7 site with the set of four figures coming in at $140. It’s fairly pricy, but each has to be handmade, which is why it costs so much more than regular figures.


If you aren’t enough of a MOTU super fan to spend that kind of money on figures, but want to show your love, Super7 still has some fun merch at lower prices which you can shop here. There are t-shirts for $30, cute blind boxes with He-Man and She-Ra figures for $4, and drinking glasses with the classic figurines printed on them. 

There are also a selection of reproduction classic figures on the old 80s’ style packing for $15 each, so some reasonably priced things to choose from apart from the $140 set of movie figures! Thanks to my brother for the tip off for this blog, and help with the info.