Samyang Ramen Fire Noodle... Make-Up Line?


I am a Samyang noodle addict. The super hot ramen noodles are famous on the web after becoming a viral trend on YouTube for mukbang uploaders and regular vloggers alike to try and finish a bowl of their deadly hot tastiness.

They come in more than half a dozen varieties, hot, double hot, cheese, carbonara and even a version you serve ice cold, but my favourite is the gold pack with a classic curry twist.  

I get my Samyang noodle supplies right here in Belfast, from Lee Foods Oriental Supermarket. They have a huge range of ramen noodles of all varieties.

Imagine my surprise however when one afternoon online I stumbled upon a Samyang Noodle make-up line. 


South Korean’s quirky and innovative brand TonyMoly had partnered with Samyang to release a range of very cool make-up, including foundation, lip tints and blusher, all based on my favourite spicy hot noodles. I had to buy something from the range for the packaging alone, a foundation compact that came in a ramen noodle cup. 

The press-foundation compact comes with a refill too, which is in the ‘sauce’ pouch. I just love that the chicken mascot is printed on the pad.  

TonyMoly can be found in the U.K. at Cult Beauty, but they don’t stock the Samyang range, as it’s an older line. You’ll need to shop around places like eBay, where I picked up mine for around a tenner.