The Fashion World Loses Karl Lagerfeld: A Look At His Quirky Designs Inspired By His Favourite Muse- Choupette His Cat

Your very own cuddly Choupette

Your very own cuddly Choupette


 February 19th 2019, and we have just heard that fashion legend Karl Lagerfeld has died after a recent period of illness. He was a name known to the likes of myself, who has a passing interest in fashion but certainly couldn’t name you the heads of most fashion houses, and probably would get stuck half way through being challenged to even name ten such fashion houses themselves.




Karl was the creative director and head of design at Chanel, another household name for even us high-street label wearing types. His iconic trademark look in his later years of swept back silver ponytail and sleek dark shades is as legendary as Anna Wintour’s bob. 


Another ‘trademark’ of Karl in the last decade would be his love affair with a little white cat called Choupette. 


Given to Mr Lagerfeld as a Christmas gift in 2011, he fell so in love with his furry companion that he claimed in a 2013 interview with CNN that he wished he could marry her,  saying, “There is no marriage yet for human beings and animals.. I never thought I would fall in love like this with a cat”. 


It followed suit that many Choupette themed fashion items and accessories came to life, as his cat-muse inspired hats, handbags, and even a makeup line. (Click any of the tiny pictures to see the detail)


Whilst the famous handbag might be the most lusted item from Chanel, being a crazy cat lady myself, I think I would love a Choupette.

RIP Karl.