No Bouquets Here- Guns, Knives & Emotional Blackmail? - Disturbing Valentine’s Cards of Yesteryear



I’ve featured vintage Valentine’s cards on the blog on previous February fourteenth’s, but this year how about some really strange ones?  


From threatening to throw yourself off a pier with a stone tied round your neck and a gun held to your head (see the skunk card centre, top row below), to knife swallowing, fire swallowing, and more guns than I care to mention - vintage Valentine’s cards were pretty hardcore. 

How about that one in the centre above where he’s just casually running over his Valentine with his car? You can click on any of the cards to enlarge for a closer look. 

The threats don’t end there! Below, this Valentine reminds you that you can run, but you can’t hide, because he will break down any wall! Not to mention the final card with some flat out clubbing. Different times indeed. 

Happy Valentine’s everyone!