Valentine’s Day CAN Be All Year Round With a Gift Subscription to Ben Cameron’s Pin Badge Club


So I was a little slack and forgot to blog Valentine’s gift ideas like I said I would, but hopefully this nifty little idea will make up for it.

You often hear the refrain this time of year, “Valentine’s Day is just one day, you should show your love all year round!”.

That doesn’t have to mean a £60 bunch of two dozen, long stem, red roses every fortnight. I’ve found this cute little UK based subscription box that’s just £7 a month including postage, that will remind your loved one you are thinking of them every time it drops through the post box.


It’s Pin Badge Club by illustrator Ben Cameron. You may recognise some of his doodles as they have been being shared over social media for years now, you’ll definitely recognise his simple, yet delightful and joyful style.


Subscribing to Pin Badge Club will send your Valentine a monthly pin badge and stickers. There is also Ben’s Etsy store, but given that it’s now 11th February I would say it’s a bit late to order anything and have it arrive in time for Valentine’s. So a card & some chocs & letting them know they are expecting a Pin Badge surprise could be the best option!