Tatty Devine, Choose the Original, Cult, Statement Jewellery for Your Favourite Fashionista on February Fourteenth - World of Kitsch Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2019


Kicking off my guide to Valentine’s Day for 2019, here’s a quick whizz over to visit a classic British brand that everyone should have one piece of.


Tatty Devine’s jewellery mostly comprises of laser cut acrylic necklace and brooch designs, with the odd wooden style now and then. 


There is also homeware and bags, although you’ll only see those about once or twice a year, whereas as of 2018 they were producing around three hundred new jewellery offerings to choose from. 



‘Tatty’ is actually twosome Rosie & Harriet, who started their brand making guitar plectrums into jewellery, then making acrylic name necklaces, which you can still buy today on the site. Tatty Devine necklaces have been made for & spotted on Jessie J, Kelly Osbourne and Dawn O Porter.

The current Tatty Devine online store is a literal treasure trove, of which I’ve picked the most ‘Valentine’ and ‘love’ themed, but other collections on sale right now include, ‘Stormy Weather’ and ‘Astral Haze’ as well as collaborations with other designers and museums.

Lastly, if you are shopping for a gift, it can even be a one stop shop- there are greetings card for £3 too!