Deck the Walls With Paws So Jolly- Cat & Dog Print Wallpaper from MuralsWallpaper


You may be a cat person. You may be a dog person. Are you enough of a cat or dog person however to ever consider wallpaper themed after your furry friend?

Without seeing a photograph of that product, your immediate reaction would probably be, of course not, no, that sounds like a kitsch nightmare from the 1970s’ or 1980s’.

These wallpapers by MuralsWallpaper however are kept in quite a sleek design with each print focusing on one tone from the colour palette, and simple, clean outline drawings of the cats and dogs.


The papers would work really nicely as a kitchen or utility room feature wall for sure. 


These murals offer a tasteful surface design option that allows everyone to incorporate cat and dog wallpaper into a room and not have to sacrifice the stylish, modern look of the home. 


Pair the pet murals with beds, scratch posts, food bowls and toys to fully furnish a pet's very own space in the home to sleep, play and eat.


Prices start at £30 per square for this range, and the rest of the MuralsWallpaper site has a vast range of interesting prints to choose from including photorealistic murals.