The Creepy Kids of Dallas Simpson

One of the easiest ways to do Bad Taste Kitsch Decor, is to rummage at car boot sales, or in charity shops, for some mass produced 60s & 70s art.

 Key offenders are J H Lynch & Tretchikoff, who I will blog about in coming weeks, but I'd like to start with Dallas Simpson's work.

 You can pick up his work on eBay,but where tacky art is concerned, I find it more satisfying to pick up your collection 'by hand' from charity shops.

 You'll recognise his work easily. The large eyed, sombre looking gypsy children that haunt your nightmares.

 I have gathered up a number of these creepy little darlings over the past three years & they have residence in my dining room, on their very own Wall of Woe.

 These paintings are sometimes remembered for urban legend, if one falls off your wall, the house will burn down, amongst other cheery tales.

 To kitsch up a room you can't go wrong with one or two of these maudlin monsters, whap some fairy lights round them & you've got instant tacky treasures.