Teenage Mutant Ninja Toilets, Thunderpants & Wee-Man- My Favourite CITV Show Round the Bend. Watch it all online!

My favourite CITV programme was the kids' satire show Round the Bend. With puppets by the Spitting Image team, and claymation from what would be the Wallace & Gromit people, it took the piss out of other, patronising children's magazine shows.

The cartoon segments ripped into current shows, but basically changed them to be about bums and toilets. Which is the funniest thing ever to a seven year old.
He-Man became Wee-Man, BotMan was BatMan with a giant bum, and then there were the Teenage Mutant Ninja Toilets.

The CITV throwback weekend isn't showing Round the Bend, which is fair enough, as the majority of the comedy was current, and would be lost on kids, and maybe us too, now. 

But, I have found the creator's website which has every single episode for you to watch! 

Don't forget to sign his guest book and share your love of the show. I'm pretty sure it set me up for loving Chris Morris & Armando Iannucci satire as a teenager and adult. Thank you, Tony Husband!