Sailor Jerry & Nautical Kitsch

Nautical kitsch is mainstream & has been in fashion for interior design & women's clothing & accessories for the past couple of years.

 It's a theme you're more likely to come across in 'normal' homes, bathrooms most frequently & if it's a look you'd like to recreate you don't have to hoke around as much to find pieces to do so.

 When it comes to seaside decor, our family goes straight to Sailor Jerry.
You may be familiar with the name from the brand of sweet vanilla rum, or from his legacy as a tattooist.

 Sailor Jerry tattoos have strong nautical themes, real sailors & Navy men would have these designs.

 Any Sailor Jerry merch is expensive, so if you find anything that looks like his work at a car boot sale, I'd recommend getting it, even to sell on if the look isn't to your taste.

 We have many old school tattoo & nautical themed items, but by far the biggest is a recent addition, an authentic Sailor Jerry shower curtain. A reproduction of a dozen or so of his tattoo flash sheets, which customers would have picked their designs from.

 It's very striking & is the centre piece of our little bathroom. It was bought for £40 on US Ebay, which is the cheapest I could find it. That's an expensive buy for me, I prefer my treasures to be bargains!