Painting by Numbers

My bible, "Kitsch Deluxe" includes painting by numbers artwork in their run down of key items.
Personally I was surprised to see them included, I find kids' velvet art to the the pinnacle of ugly DIY creativity.

 You remember? If you were an 1980s child like me, you'd have had a black velvet art of My Little Pony, or He-Man, which would come with a entirely inadequate selection of four felt tip pens to add your own colour.

 I did have two of these glorious works of art in my old flat, some kittens in a basket & a velvet reproduction of the classic dogs playing pool.

 Since getting married & moving to a 'proper home' I ditched them, now we have our own little son I'll be letting him make a masterpiece when he's old enough to!

 But back to painting by numbers. I do have a ship bought for it's nautical theme rather than it being one.

 It's quite large & hangs above the cabinet. It's really well executed by whoever the original colourer-in was.

 I bought this for £2 at a church fête.