Jackie O, Who painted You?

One of my favourite prints from my mass produced 60's collection, I don't think you could even call this one ugly.

 I believe it's Jackie O, that's what we call her anyway. I'd come across this print on eBay last year & loved it, but it was a little out of my price range, going for around £50.

 This summer I found a large version of her at a car boot sale, along with a rare Tretchikoff floral print. The flowers didn't take my fancy & the seller was asking £25 for it anyhow (being a Tretchikoff I would've paid a tenner for it regardless of not loving it).

 I was even more happy to find the seller only wanted £15 for her. For a large version of this print in it's original frame that's a bargain, I've seen them go for £70+ on eBay.

 Here's my problem: any time I've found it on eBay it's by searching 'kitsch' in the art section, I didn't have the artist's name. I've seen it listed as a Tretchikoff piece, but I've looked at the signature & it's definitely nothing like that name.

 Do any kitsch kings or queens know who produced this print?
I'd love to know!