Cactii Kitsch 1# Fiber Optic Cactus Lamp

Cowboys, Indians & the Wild West icons feature kitsch themes often.

 In 2007 I started my cactii collection, filling the entire fireplace of our old house with a dozen plants of different sizes & varieties.

 Once our baby was on the move they had to be re-homed for his safety, but by this point my fauna homicide had caused 8 or 9 plants to die. I can't even grow cactii!

 Now the cabinet holds the last two cactii, who seem to have made it through my anti green fingers ways to autumn 2009.

 Thank goodness kitsch is about fakery as I was able to get some cactii that I couldn't kill.

 This fiber optic cactus is an example of modern, new kitsch, rather than the retro original pieces I like to collect.

 It's quite large, bigger than my live cactii at any rate & I got it from eBay for £2 when I was searching for other cactii items.