Creepy Child Picture

My ugly art wall was one of my first avenues into the huge, kitsch mess my house is in these days.

Consequently I have almost a dozen of these gypsy children framed around the house. It always annoyed me if I saw one in a charity shop lately, as I knew I didn't have any more room to take it home.

Today I had to break my 'no more haunting, creeptastic kid paintings' rule for this little madam.

Ownership was mandatory partially due to the pup being the breed we had growing up, but also the fact it was only £2.
You see, the kitschy antiques at St.George's Market, Belfast, whilst genuine and fantastic, also come with a high price tag. So getting something for two quid there, couldn't be missed out on!

I hope she will feel at home amongst my Dallas Simpson & Lou Shabner infant terrors.