American Food... From Germany

My inbuilt need to be weird even stretches to the kitchen, I'm afraid.

I'm the kind of shopper if I see something remotely foreign or new on the market, I'll buy it before I buy a pack of Cookstown Sausages.

My husband despaired as I raided the Polish Food Shop in Belfast last week, but if you don't look you might miss out on something amazing. Also Kraft & Nestle still sell some old products abroad that they discontinued here, for example I got Cheetos in that shop.

I also love imported American junk food. I bought a haul from Candy Pirate two years back, but for whatever reason UK food importers charge insanely high postage to Northern Ireland, despite us being under Royal Mail. Shipping for half a dozen items cost £30 from England to NIreland.

Anyway, the next American snackfest was during our trip to London. There's a fabulous shop in Covent Garden that stocks all that stuff.

I stumbled on last week however. A German site that charges in Euros, and only charged €9.90 to ship this lot.

Mountain Dew Voltage, Poptarts in Cherry, Cookies&Creme, Hot Fudge Sundae & Chocolate Fudge. 3 bags of killingly hot crisps & Cookies&Creme Jello.