Asda's Kitschest Cakes- From Giant Custard Creams to Dessert Burger & Fries



Asda are probably have the best value party cakes of all the supermarkets, and definitely the most inventive!

We had the cute Gnorman the Gnome cake back at the start of the summer, for a birthday. This week Asda sent us the huge, indulgent Chocolate Drip Cake to share for Sunday lunch. 




It's the novelty cakes that I love, and for pug admirers there's a whole range of pug cakes. There's the full size Pabs and Paloma celebration party sized cakes, plus pug cupcakes and a small gift cake which serves six. 



The coolest cakes are the oversized biscuits and 'shaped like other food' designs. The massive Custard Cream is uber realistic, as is the Jammie Dodger. The Donut Cake looks like a Simpson's offering and the giant Rainbow Jazzie is positively mouth watering.

Theres also an oversized Ice Cream Sundae Cake, and Burger and Fries!



A clever little offering I haven't seen anywhere else before is Asda's Afternoon Tea packs. They've profiteroles, cream doughnuts and custard slices, all in a little box for £3 each.

There are two varieties, Cream Tea and Summer Selection. 


The prettiest cake in all the land has to be the Piñata Cake. A rainbow Wonder filled with a surprise in the centre. There are matching mini pinata cupcakes which also spill forth sweetie treasure. 

The Smash Cake is similar, with hidden bounty inside its dome. There's also a giant pink cupcake, and a strawberry ombré version of the drip cake. 

Lastly, watch out for the Asda Extra Special desserts, for posh after dinner delights.