On the 9th Day of Kitschmas @Rudedoodle Gave to Me- Nine Non-Normal Gnomes


I'm a huge reality TV fan. I watch them all. Various Housewives series, their spin-offs like Vanderpump Rules, even chat shows like Dr. Phil I keep up to date with. Arguably the biggest & best reality TV show out there is Keeping Up With The Kardashians. I've tried watching it and cannot get into it at all. You'd think I would love it, but I don't.


In a way, for me, the Kardashians are like garden gnomes. Gnomes are probably one of the most obvious trinkets that spring to mind when you are asked to name something Kitsch. They rule the garden, with their best pal the lawn flamingo, and while I love & own the latter, I hate gnomes. 

It's stranger still because my earliest EVER childhood memory is born happy, and involves gnomes. 


Until I was two we lived on the Castlereagh Road in Belfast. The only think I remember is that we used to walk down a few doors every tea time, so I could see the gnomes. Someone had filled their front garden with busy little gnomes in various poses & jobs. 

For the 9th day of Christmas, here are 9 naughty gnomes, the zombies being my favourite. 

Trump supporting gnome  

Trump supporting gnome