On the 8th Day of Kitschmas @Rudedoodle Gave to Me- Eight Splendidly Tremendous Octopus Tattoos


I know an octopus isn't Christmassy, but we are almost at New Year, so I'm tailing off for these last few daily posts.  


I hope you've enjoyed my Kitschmas countdown. I've actually enjoyed finding cool stuff to share with you, my long-term, faithful readers. 


This is actually how www.TheWorldofKitsch.com began. My room mate from 2005, @TheRonster suggested I made a blog to share the Kitsch stuff I would buy for my home from charity shops. About six months in I started having the chance to work with brands, and I've really gotten so caught up in it that I now only really blog when I've been kindly sent something to try out, or been somewhere to experience. 


How would you like me to slip in a blog post more like this again, maybe at least a week? I have old posts like one where I shared behind the scenes photos from Layrinth that has had 67 views today alone and another post about a beauty range that has the scent of Parma Violet sweets viewed 51 times today also. They are consistently in my most viewed list, and the latter was posted in 2014.


So that shows both my niche blog posts and brands that are unique and featured by me coming to them and not vice versa, have worked out as well as any of my big, exciting partnership with local, national and worldwide brands.

So in 2017 I will make one resolution to return to my blogging roots more often. I hope you are enjoying my 12 Days of Kitschmas in the meantime.