On The 1st Day of Kitschmas @Rudedoodle Gave to Me- One Star Wars Holiday Special (Watch it Here!)


If you've never seen it, you can't believe it can be as bad as everyone says it is. But it is. 

The ill-advised Star Wars Holiday Special, written by George Lucas and shown in 1978 is the stuff of legends.


Han Solo & Chewie go to visit the latter's family, and we also see appearances from Leia, Luke, CP30 and of course Darth Vader. 

The definitely-not-canon ordeal includes bizarre scenes like Chewie's creepy uncle viewing what can only be described as virtual reality, 3D, soft porn. 

One interesting fact- the Holiday Special is actually the first appearance of cult favourite character Boba Fett. He pops up in a cartoon animated sequence, then goes on to star in the second Star Wars movie shortly after. 


So my first day of Christmas blog for you, my loyal readers, is a link to a fairly good quality version of the entire show. 

If you've already seen it, and can't put yourself through it again, then why not  read this Mental Floss article about the making of the Star Wars Holiday Special instead? They talk to those who were involved who I guess have come to terms with the creation they put out there.


Stayed tuned over the next eleven days for more Kitsch Christmas treats.