#MerryKnitmas Staying Warm With Fenetic Wellbeing & A New Year's Resolution to Get Knitting Again


This Christmas I want to get knitting again. Whilst it's a little late to start hand crafting gifts, at the speed I knit anyway, the Christmas break is an ideal time to start a project.

 Fenetic Wellbeing kindly sent me some Cath Kidston knitting tools, to kickstart my hobby again. 

With many older people at their most vulnerable during the Winter months, Fenetic Wellbeing are currently looking into how best we can keep warm, particularly through the idea of knitting winter accessories. 

My original knitting-crazy period was when I was expecting Smix. It was a hobby I could do while sitting watching tv, and I quickly was able to produce a stack of brightly coloured, woolen, baby blankets. Indeed I used my own blankets in the hospital (we had to stay 11 days after he was born), and throughout his first years. 

We are so used to buying everything we need, that it's cool to know you can still make something like that yourself, to keep your family cosy.


I found knitting very relaxing and rewarding, so it's a hobby I'm excited about starting up again over the holiday break. 

Keeping warm at this time of year is vital for health, especially for older people. Our oil ran out on Saturday, and while we spent the day time at my parents', on Sunday night we had a cold one, waiting until the oil was delivered on Monday morning. Wearing layers is one of the best ways to combat the cold. So we bundled up in onesies & made it through the night, but I was so relieved Monday morning wasn't one of the icy starts we've seen. I could have hugged the oil delivery driver when he arrived! 

There are other ways to keep your home warmer- like making sure your sofa isn't blocking any radiators. When you are cooking, or even having a hot shower, leaving those doors open will allow heat to spread through the house. Shutting the curtains retains the heating you are pumping out, and with this being the shortest day, you can cosy up early in the evening. If you do run out of heat, as well as putting on layers, stick a hat on! 

If you are quick-knitted then why not pick up your needles and follow this tutorial Fenetic Wellbeing have created for making a Christmas stocking? 

I'll be sharing my finished Cath Kidston scarf on Twitter after Christmas. You can find out tips on staying warm on Twitter @FeneticTrading, or on Fenetic Wellbeing's Facebook.