The Big Monday Morning Round-up: Clarins Double Serum, Lidl Fashion, & Drop a Jean Size Challenge Midpoint Check-in

I've follow up news on three different topics I've blogged about before, so I'm combining them in one big Monday morning round-up. 


I blogged a few days ago that I was trying  Clarins Double Serum which is the UK's leading serum product with a string of awards to its name.

Its a unique oil AND water product, and Clarins have found a combination so they work together rather than separating as those elements usually would. You can see the bottle above is split in two, oil on one side, water based serum on the other. When you pump to dispense both come out and you combine them before applying to your face. 


I was given a few samples at the House of Fraser 'Beauty Confidential' event, where you can currently pick up Double Serum for £59, saving £10 on their regular price.

I have tried all my samples, one each night and truthfully I haven't noticed much of a difference from my usual Boots No.7 serum. The Clarins rep said that to really get a good idea of the product you need a week's worth of samples, but by the time I reached that concession after my Laura Mercier makeover, they were almost all gone. So perhaps that's why I didn't notice any different YET, I only had four nights' samples.  

Also I thought the samples themselves were a little small. I realise it's an expensive product, so samples will be costly to give out for free, but I found it tricky to get any of the water based side of the serum out of the sachet at all. 


I do want to give Clarins Double Serum another try though. The lady representing them said they get sample sizes in every few weeks, so I will try to see if I can get a seven day supply of samples when I'm up again. 

I'm keen to visit House of Fraser while the Beauty Confidential offer is still running, as the other product they showed us, Instant Smooth, is also £10 off at only £16.50

This stuff is magical. It was their innovative product they shared with us during the talk that night, and what it can do has to be seen to be believed.  

Rubbing a tiny amount on the palm of your hand, then comparing to your other one, will show you just how effective Instant Smooth is. Wrinkles and lines are filled in and simply disappear. I had never seen anything like it.

Of course the effect is temporary, once you take off your makeup at the end of the day your wrinkles are back- but it's a cheaper and less drastic measure than injected fillers. 


So, who managed to get something wonderful from the range of Lidl Fashion that arrived in stores last Thursday? 


I was thrilled to find the striped t-shirt I had wanted at the press event, at only £5.99 in my local Bangor store. I couldn't find the panelled leather look leggings, but I've a feeling they said those will be in store in November. 


Finally, I'm one week into my drop a jean size challenge. My weight is inching down, and those size 12 jeans are looking more like they will fit every day. In fact I was able to buy size 12 leather-look leggings yesterday in Exhibit.

 The New You site has lots of new bundle offers in time for slimming down for Christmas, if you fancy joining me.