The New You Plan Day Three- Tackling Social Eating

9:00am The beginning of day three and it's a Sunday, so that means eating lunch at my parents' house as a family. The problem I'm pondering, over my morning porridge (lovely by the way) is how I'm going to sit and eat with my family and not get tempted by their food. I'm definitely sticking to the plan, so cheating & eating the same as them isn't an option. Yet social eating is always going to turn up, so what can I do?


The Secret Slimmers Facebook Page comes to the rescue once more. You can combine the meals to make larger lunches or dinners, and the different combos are all tried and tested by people on the plan. This means you'll use up two of your four products a day, but it will feel more like a Sunday Lunch, so you won't feel left out. 

Yesterday I was craving a Subway salad (I'll definitely be using them to maintain once this fortnight is over), but I managed to resist and stay 100% on plan. If you do have little wobbles then it's worth checking in over at the New You Plan blog, and reading some success stories to keep you motivated.

Slimmer Amelia-Grace  told her story on the blog  of losing four stone in EIGHT WEEKS!


She stuck ridgidly to the plan & certainly reaped the success of her willpower. She looks like a completely different person and about ten years younger! Obviously this is one of the top slimmer weight losses, but the blog has dozens of other women, and men, sharing how much weight they lost, and how quickly. So you can get an idea of what level your loss will be, but of course with all these things results vary from person to person.

I have to mention that long term weight loss at this speed can cause issues like gallstones- but this is why 1/ You should check with your GP before starting, 2/ If you've a lot to lose then stick to the plan's guidelines of staying on plan for 12 weeks, then taking a 2-3 week break before starting another cycle, and 3/ Make sure your water intake is at least two litres a day. Although there are some health risks, you have to weigh them up (pardon the pun) with the dangers of being overweight. 


I'm still getting used to the size of the meal portions, but I'm not really feeling hungry. Any food cravings I have are more likely due to boredom, so I placed an order today for a product which should help if I feel like something but I've used up my four allowed items that day. Usually when I'm dieting I would have cup a soups in the house for evening snacks, to avoid eating something else savoury like crisps. It just so happens that New You have just released a new product that should replace the cup a soups and keep me in ketosis.  


Their new broth can even be drank as often as you like, it doesn't count as one of your four. A tub is £5.99, and there is an introductory offer of 3 for 2, at £11.98. I ordered yesterday, but with the bank holiday it will probably be Tuesday or Wednesday before I have it here to try and report back about. 

After lunch : Sunday lunch went fine! I tried the cottage pie meal and really liked it. In fact I wish I had ordered more of them, rather than the noodle meals, as it was bigger and tastier than any of the pasta meals so far. 

After lunch my son & I went out shopping for a bit. We usually stop off at Caffe Nero, I get an espresso con panna & he gets their chocolate fudge cake. On The New You Plan you can drink tea and coffee, but they recommend you don't use milk. I just can't drink coffee that way, so I was glad they say if you can't face black coffee, you can put a tiny splash of milk in it, but not more than 250mls a day.  


My usual drink is the espresso con panna which is a double espresso topped with whipped cream. Instead I swapped to a espresso macchiato which is a double topped with a very small amount of foamed milk. It's perfect for the diet and won't throw me off ketosis. I usually use the powdered sweetener on offer in Caffe Nero, but that's off plan, so I followed the advice to use the tablet form of sweetener instead. 

After yesterday's success with drinking water, I'm struggling a little today again, so I got some fizzy water to mix things up a little. 

I plan on having a noodle meal later, and a shake to total to my four daily meal plan items. I shall check in with you again tomorrow! 

*Consult your GP before beginning a very low calorie diet. Results are varied and not guarenteed. Meal plan supplied for this week by New You for review purposes*