The New You Day Two : Getting Into the Swing of Things

Well, last night around 1145pm when I finally finished my 7th 500ml bottle of water, I couldn't believe I had to do it all over again today. I may sound like I'm exaggerating, but the drinking water is a hundreds times harder for me than restricting my calories. 

But, this morning I seemed to whizz through my first litre with no problem, and I thought of Dawn's advice from yesterday, how the water becomes easier as it becomes habit. I also tried my first shake this morning! I went for the chocolate one and used the special mixer bottle which made sure there was no gross powdery bit left at the bottom. If you've done Slimfast shakes from powder then you'll know what you're getting here. I hadn't ordered many shakes for my second week, but now that I've tried one, I'm not too worried about getting through the six I have for this first week. 

And my delivery I placed for my second week arrived already! That was under 24 hours from me placing the order! The benefits of The New You being a Northern Irish company there. 


My second week order included freebies of the famous 'old recipe carbonara' which seems to be a big favourite on the Secret Slimmers Facebook Page. So I made it up as my second product of the day, for lunch. Again it's a small portion for maximum weight loss, but it does taste good. 


I want to talk about the very low calorie aspect of the diet, as it is noticeably restrictive compared to regular diets. You are going to have to say no to takeaways and eating out in order to maximise your results. It is low calorie, but then again it gets repeated success as you can see with the endless blog posts of before and afters of people who have stuck to the plan . I think you have to decide, before committing to The New You Plan, are you going to push to lose the weight you've always wanted to this time? Personally I've hovered around 10st for a few years now and perpetually wished I was 20lbs lighter. This diet does need commitment, you can't cheat on it, and you can't even really add any non-plan foods without being careful not to knock yourself off ketosis,  but if you really want to lose the weight this time- this plan will work. It would be physically and scientifically impossible not to lose weight on a very low calorie diet, but it's your own will power that guarantees success.

Here is an example of the type of daily meal plan you can expect, and various combinations of products that different Slimmers prefer. I'm definitely a Norman No Shakes, I've ordered mostly bars and meals for week two, but all the products will give you success if you stick to them. 


My plan for the rest of day two is to have another low calorie meal later, the noodle nosh I think, then end the day with a coconut bar. I read a tip about freezing your chocolate bars on the Secret Slimmers Page, so I'm trying that! Sounds tasty! 

*first week's products supplied for review purposes. Consult your GP before embarking on a low calorie diet. Results will vary from person to person*