Loafun.com Made Me Some World of Kitsch Shoes!

Loafun is a fledgling, fun, design community which allows members to design their own converse style shoe. The site gives you the tools to put together your custom design, then the in-house artists will hand paint your trainers, and ship. They also plan on running design competitions around a theme, a bit like Threadless does with t-shirts. So you can also buy designs by talented underground artists. 

For any user/buyer the whole idea behind the concept is "shoe is you" and you can create exactly what you want on the shoe using the online design tools. If you are a designer who just wants to exhibit your designs you can do so as well by uploading your designs and making them available to public. Once approved we display these on our site for people to purchase. We pay designers a royalty based on what design sells online. The designer earns points which he can later redeem for cash/ merchandise as he/she wishes. The designer has absolute control over his designs at any given time as he can control whether to display hide or delete a design he has created unlike blackbox submissions which other social commerce portals (including threadless) currently have.

Loafun wanted me to see for myself how a shoe turns out from design to finish, so here are my very own World of Kitsch shoes, with the logo which was designed for me by Neal McCullough.  The ordering process was very simple, and the trainers are with you quite quickly too, even to the UK.


Engage with them on Loafun's TwitterFacebook and Pinterest to be part of the movement.