The Jolly Wombat Makes Tidying Fun for Your Kids

Who remembers the first time they watched a Wallace and Gromitt movie? I remember being amazed when I first learned how painstakingly they shot each frame, moved the characters a fraction of a millimetre, then shot another frame.

Well I was reminded of this when I discovered a new iPad game called "Tidy Kids" by the folks at Jolly Wombat. Of course, there's a lot less animation than in a Wallace and Grommet movie but the characters are really enchanting and beautifully crafted. I imagine they had almost as much fun making this app as we had playing it. So much love has gone into all of these plasticine characters.


Another thing which is unusual about this app is that the whole family play together, like a board game. What's more, when you finished playing, the room is tidy! Who ever thought that would be possible! So, here's how it works. When it's your turn, you spin the wheel and get a tidy up task. For example, "Tidy up something blue" or "Tidy up while you hop like a kangaroo". Music starts and you have to finish your task before time runs out. You better be quick because if you're not back in time "The Lazy Lump" (A furry blue monster) will show you what he thinks! Michael has never had so much fun tidying up. Dad helped out too and I just enjoyed the artwork.

Click the image below to buy the app.