The History of The Magic Eight Ball

I'd imagined the Magic 8 Ball, in some incarnation, would have been around for quite some time. In fact it first made an appearance in a 1940's Three Stooges short, as a comical fortune telling device called a Magic Ball. 


The ball we recognise today, with the answer popping up in a floaty, blue pool of disappointment, was invented by Albert C Carter, inspired by his clairvoyant mother. Back then in the late 1940s & early 1950s it was called a Syco-Seer, and had a clear casing. It was Chicago's Brunswick Billiards who commissioned a black & white eight ball version to be made, and it's popularity ensured the design remained.

Whilst most Eight Ball toys on the market are the regular black & white variety, there are some interesting themed versions. I wonder did the Hannah Montana Eight Ball see Miley 2013 coming? 


Your teenage years were not complete without an afternoon sitting shaking a Magic 8 Ball asking it would you marry your latest crush, and reshaking until you got the answer you actually wanted. 

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