The Five Most Iconic London Hairdos

When it comes to global trends, London leads the way – and in the world of hairdos this is no different. From the swinging 60s to the indulgent 80s, London has shownthe world what to do and what not to do with their crowning glories so if you’re looking for inspiration then why not take a look at these five iconic London hairdos?

1. The Sloan

Though the original 80s version of this hairstyle lacked a little in the finesse department, it instantly became a globally recognised style. Its strongest feature is the central bouffant which can be accentuated by tying your hair at the back with a scrunchie or puffing it up even more with an Alice band.


2. The rocker

Like the Sloan, the rocker requires a bit of backcombing and puffing. Think Carnaby Street in the 60s or Amy Winehouse circa 2005 and you’ll have a good idea of what we mean. You can complement the puffed-up back with smooth fringes or curled ends for a really great London look.


3. The mod

From Twiggy to Quadrophenia, the mod look is a true classic and well worth mastering for your hairstyle repertoire. To achieve the most authentic results try using nice 'n easy blonde hair colouring to become a true blond bombshell.


4. The duchess

This one is more of a modern classic, popularised by the ever-glamorous Kate Middleton. A modern variation of the Sloan, this hairdo requires you to look understated yet perfectly groomed at all times. Try using a really good, deep conditioner and then gently blow drying. Use a diffuser if your hair is prone to frizz and then use wide curlers to achieve gentle waves.


5. The Rachel

This one may not have been born in London but its reach was truly global and once it had jumped off of the silver screen and across the pond, there was no keeping it away from the British capital’s salon scene.

If you’d forgotten about this 90s craze, crack open a couple of early Friends videos and remind yourself of the style icon that was Rachel’s hair.

If you’re looking to change your style or just want to do a bit of experimenting, you could do a lot worse than these iconic styles. Pick your favourite, get the necessary tools and hair dyes and set to work transforming your hair.