Ikea Belfast Will Be Selling Real Christmas Trees for £25, Plus You get a £20 Voucher For Use in January

A real, full-size Christmas tree for, well, sort of for a fiver. From 7th December you can pick up a real tree from Ikea, Belfast, for £25 and they'll give you a £20 voucher to spend in the new year.

We took advantage of this offer last year. You pay inside and get a token, take it to the tree lot in the car peak and pick any tree, big, small, 6ft or 3ft, and the staff take your token and give you your £20 voucher for after Christmas. Now this isn't even a '£20 off if you spend £100' type voucher, this is an actual £20 voucher you can walk in and spend on anything come January. So if you usually buy bits and pieces in Ikea anyway, it kind of means you're getting a real Christmas tree for just a fiver out of pocket.

Last December we got our Ikea tree on the 1st, and it lasted really well. Very little needle drop. So we will see you this Saturday morning, if you too decide it's too good a deal to miss.