Gin in Jam? No Wonder the Snowmen Have Rosy Cheeks. Baked In Belfast's Christmas Range.

Baked in Belfast is a good old cottage industry based in Northern Ireland. Suzanne creates handmade & hand painted plaques and decorations, and all year round plates depicting Belfast landmarks and phrases.

The  Christmas collection arrived at our house yesterday, much to my son's delight he had two snowmen, due to Suzanne knowing his nickname too. We've chatted on Twitter for a few years and my son Michael is also known as WeeSmyth, so he had a snowman ornament of each name for his own tree in his room. Thank you, Suzanne!


We also got a Welcome to the Smyths' ceramic heart, totally cute. The main tree isn't up in our house until Saturday, but this will be on there. Fancy your own family bauble? Get in contact with Suzanne on Twitter.


Now Christmas  isn't Christmas without some sort of special jam or chutney making an appearance to 'oohs' and 'ahhs' of 'try a bit of this with your Brie'. Baked in Belfast is your stop for these treats too. As well as regular flavours, there are cocktail inspired jams, Christmas infused chutneys and sweet chilli flavours to zing up your cheese and crackers game. Which will you go for?

Sweet chill jam with mexicana cheese on toast.. I'm coming for you 

Sweet chill jam with mexicana cheese on toast.. I'm coming for you click! click!