Tweed Jackets, Flying Duck Print Jumpers, Joules is My New Favourite Clothing Brand

I'd heard the name before, but I had the preconception it was a bit of a Mumsy clothing retailer. They invited me to have a peek at their new, autumn/winter tweed jacket and coat range this week, and while I was impressed, I ended up spending half an hour on the site oooohing and aaaahing at the entire women's collection. It's certainly not Mumsy- check out the Taylor-Swift-a-like in the classic navy striped dress. 

The Joules range would work for anyone in the early twenties who wants a preppy, crisp, smart wardrobe, right up to those in their golden years who don't want to retire into granny smocks just yet. 

I've decided I want to get rid of all my clothes and get one of everything please, Joules. How can I say no to jumpers with flying ducks, foxes and wire fox terriers on them? Here are my absolute favourites, starting with the ladies' tweed jacket collection at