Vintage Travel Posters

My hometown pride & love of 50's design come together in my Bangor Railway Travel Poster.

 I picked this reproduction print up from Bangor's Heritage Centre.
It's one of a few prints available of the town, along with one of neighbouring Ballyholme.

 Vintage travel advertisments steer toward the retro side of kitsch, rather than it's tackiness.
Nostalgia plays heavily, even for folks like me who weren't around when these ads had pride of place in stations around the country.

 Marks and Spencers used the vintage travel poster design strongly in it's anniversary campaign this year. Their picnic ads & classic soda bottles are good examples.

 Amongst kitsch collectors, retro skiing holiday & cable car travel posters are favourites.
British seaside holiday versions cater to the tackier side of the genre.

 I recently was given a box full of postcards of these fantastic adverts by Twitter pal @herrbenz Looking forward to using them for decoration somewhere soon!