Vintage 60's Photographic Table Mats

A lot of my collection stems from nostalgia. Not that I was alive until 1980, but many of the items I've bought are treasures my late Grannies owned.

My Granny on my mum's side had a smashing table mat set, with gloriously orange-toned photographs of holiday scenes. There are quite a few on eBay at the moment, I especially like the still life photos of floral displays.

Oh, and you may notice my posts are frequently including items I don't actually physically own now. As the blog has gained popularity I want to keep adding daily posts, rather than only blogging when I've bought something.
Another reason is I have totally run out of room for new junk, so items I'm swooning over on eBay and previously would have snapped up, are now left unbought due to lack of space!

I hope the items I pick are still as interesting to you as they are to me!