The Overlook Hotel Carpet Screenprint

You'll know the art collection adorning my walls costs pennies rather than pounds (exception being very talented local artist Terry Bradley's work!).
So at a whole £13, this is one of the more costly pieces!

It's an A3 screenprint of the carpet from The Overlook Hotel in The Shining. The pattern alone makes it a print suited for my home, but I love the Shining connection & will be interested on which visitors are freaked out by it in our long hallway!

I found it on who are better know for their geek chic tshirts designed with logos of brands only seen on the screen. For example you can buy Amityville tshirts inspired by Jaws, or a snazzy tee with the logo of Soap Company from Fight Club on it.

Whilst I advise all of you to visit Last Exit, I do warn the males of my family that I was on the site for Christmas present purposes, so don't you go looking!

Frame from IKEA.