The Kitsch Danger Zone

I've mentioned before, there's a very narrow margin between cool kitsch & all out ugly; with this ensemble I'm not confident enough of it not being the latter.

 It's one part of the room I'm just not sure about. Perhaps because most of my other kitsch things are collected in pockets in the room; the wall of ugly art, the cabinet & it's wares, they re-enforce each other that it's 'meant to look like that'. But mister fish sits upon a really stylish retro side table & I'm just not sure if he 'works'.

 My iPhone camera photos aren't the best but he's a sea-green with a slight sheen to his paintwork.
He's a very large, heavy vase, I found him in the same tacky shop in Dublin where I bought the Jesus clock. He was only €15 & worth lugging back to the hotel!

 The plastic flowers are from a normal fancy goods shop, the sort that sells candles & posh twigs for decoration.
The blue birds are again Ikea Summer 2008, and I think they are fantastic! If I retire mister fish I'll still be keeping the blue birds in the room somewhere.

 I'm scared to ask what everyone thinks of this get up! Do you think it's just too ugly, not retro enough to get away with?
I could always move mister fish to the garden...